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Navaneetham Ayurveda Speciality Centre

Ayurveda is the 6000 years old comprehensive Indian herbal system of medical care and Kerala occupies the prime position in imparting this system of medical care. The immense value and effectiveness of Ayurveda treatment are gaining widespread acceptance throughout the world.

As a result, numerous suffering patients are visiting Kerala to obtain specialized Ayurveda medical care and cure of their afflictions. The effectiveness and success of Ayurveda in tackling chronic and difficult illnesses is gaining even more wide publicity through these cured overseas patients and the number of patients visiting Kerala seeking relief from their difficulties is increasing each year.

Navaneetham Ayurveda Speciality Centre was established in 1999 with the aim of making available the wisdom of Ayurveda for modern day ailments and life style. The hospital is set up with a view of giving holistic treatment for the ailing mankind comprising body, mind and soul. Navaneetham has been privileged to be the chosen destination for a large number of overseas patients and continue to offer assistance for the intending visitors seeking medical care.

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