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Most of the food we consume is broken down to glucose, a form of sugar, in our digestive system.  Glucose is the fuel source for human body and the cells use them for energy and growth.  Glucose gets into our blood stream but can enter the cells only with the help insulin produced by pancreas.  However, when production of insulin in the body becomes insufficient or completely stopped due to maladies, the cells cannot absorb the glucose for lack of insulin and as a result sugar level in the blood stream rises.  This is a case of abundant availability that is completely wasted as the sugar passes out of human body through urine; cells are deprived of sugar and the cells cannot produce energy and growth.  This condition is called diabetes.

The diabetic population is increasing the world over at an alarming rate.  Ayurveda has effective medication therapy for control of the blood sugar using diet control, herbal medicines, exercise regime, massage, etc.  Navaneetham has been providing effective diabetic ayurveda therapy for years.