Welcome to Navaneetham Ayurveda Speciality Centre

Preventive Cardiology

Comprehensive Ayurveda therapies to reduce the threat of cardiac risk factors like diabetes, obesity, hyper cholestrolemia, stress and hypertension is available at Navaneetham centers.

Anti diabetic Therapy

Includes Ayurvedic medications like decoctions and tablets for Non Insulin Dependent patients. Provides sustained reduction in blood glucose level. The positive effects are remarkable decrease in diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, malaise, burning sensation loss of libido excessive thirst etc. For Insulin dependent diabetic patients our therapy provides increased peripheral vascular blood supply and relief from associated symptoms of diabetes. We have specialized therapy for no healing diabetic ulcers and
peripheral vascular disease.

Anti-cholesterol and Anti-obesity Therapy

Internal medications with tablets and powders reduce LDL cholesterol level as well as triglycerides without any side effects. Patients without family history of hypertension we can even stop all medications after a course of therapy. Numbness of limbs due to vascular etiology and excisional dyspnea due to hyper cholesterolemia can also be relieved by Ayurvedic medication.

Panchakarma therapy and special diets will help patients to loose unwanted weight in quiet natural way. This helps to shape your figure also.

Anti-stress Treatments

Navaneetham offers very special therapy to reduce anxiety and stress. Insomnia can also be relieved to an extent. For anti stress therapy patient has to undergo 2 weeks in patient therapy as well as 3 months medications. Therapies like sirodhara, thala pothichil sirovasthy etc are applied according to condition of the patients. We have specialised anti stress combinations developed by Navaneetham doctor’s team that are found effective in stress in corporates, IT professional, Bank employees, students etc.

Treatments to reduce Hypertension

Internal medications and swedana therapies bring relief to patients with essential and non-essential hypertension. We give ayurvedic tonics for cardiac muscles to reduce various symptoms like angina, palpitation etc.